Forestman's Hideaway

This is the Forestman's Hideaway, also known as the Bug Out Bungalow, or B.O.B. for short!

Forestman's Hideaway


Bob is a medieval cottage I built in LEGO Worlds. I enjoy making architectural designs with LEGO, so I had a lot of fun when building this model. This was the first timber frame house I built in LEGO Worlds. Bob is also an official model in LEGO Worlds that comes with the base game. You can download it through the Brick Build Showcase at any time!


Fun Fact: Bob has had many names since I created it...

  • Forestman's Hideaway
  • Forestmans Hideaway
  • Forestman Hideaway
  • Forest Hideaway
  • That Cottage
  • Fairytale Cottage
  • Bug Out Bungalow
  • B.O.B.
  • Bob (my favorite one)

Probably has the most name variations of any of my models.



If you play LEGO Worlds, you'll find this in the game as the Forest Hideaway.