Water - A LEGO Worlds Study

Hi everyone, today I’d like to talk about water. Water has always been sort of a phenomenon in LEGO Worlds, but I managed to discover some interesting quirks and facts about it.

In my recent model, I wanted to use slopes to create a natural flow of water on the river. However, this is what occurred when I attempted that.

Translucent Blue Bricks
Water Bricks

It appears that all the bricks have turned into 1x1 plates, and even created some graphical errors on many of the slope bricks. This behavior fascinated me (and I also wanted to work around the problem) so I dug deeper and started testing.

Here are some water bricks by themselves. None of the bricks here are touching each other.

Slope/Detail Bricks
Normal Bricks

Seems they all work fine, except for the 1x2 cheese wedge (1st picture, 2nd row from the front, 2nd from the left), which deforms by itself. But if these are all fine, what's happening to the other bricks? How are they becoming 1x1 plates on the river? The answer surprised me...

Deforming Slopes
Deforming Bricks
It seems water doesn't like to be touched...

If any brick is placed on the side or on the top of a water brick, the water will change to 1x1 plates, or deform into strange shapes. Also interesting to note that the 1x1 detailed tiles didn’t change shape (probably because they’re already 1x1).

Deformed 1x2x2 Slope

I have no idea why it’s doing this, though perhaps one of you might have a clue. *winks at TT* ;)

This certainly isn’t the only problem water has. Water has many issues that I ran into when building with it, but I haven’t found a good way to explain them since they all appear random. Cautious building can prevent most of these glitches, but the one above is built into the game itself, which means that I can’t work around it. I was still able to get the effect of a dam using square bricks and tiles, but it would be much nicer to use slopes instead.

I would love to see a patch for this in the future. :)