The 2x3

With 6 bricks, even simple 2x3s, billions of combinations can be made. Therefore a 2x3 brilliantly showcases the creative power of LEGO; the possibilities are endless. A tiny brick is like a seed of creativity. This makes receiving a trophy with a simple LEGO brick a true honor. The LEGO brick supported by working gears on my trophy is in perfect 2x3 proportions. I worked out the algebra to scale up the brick before building it. A little algebra goes a long way!

This model is the grand prize winner of the LEGO Ideas Design the Next FIRST LEGO League Trophy Contest. You can check out my entry on LEGO Ideas here.

Additionally you can watch me explain the journey so far on the Official LEGO FanTube in the video below!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazingly talented FLL World Champions, the Seshan brothers. If you would like to read more about my trophy and how the design came to be then head on over to HispaBrick Magazine! The interview was published in HB031 and is available to download for free here. Sanjay and Arvind not only gave me the interview opportunity but they also edited and coordinated it with HispaBrick, thank you guys! You can check out some of the amazing things they do with the FIRST LEGO League here!

I know many of you have been asking me (daily!) about when the final design is going to be released and believe me, I can't wait for it either! I check the LEGO Ideas blog everyday in anticipation for it. I will come back to this article and update it with more details when it's announced so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The new FIRST LEGO League World Festival Trophy has been announced! Check out the announcement here!