Mechanical Music Box

Introducing my Mechanical Music Box! Yes, you read that right. Not only is it just a small and cute micro model, but it's also mechanical too!

I always enjoy creating small LEGO builds around Christmastime. They are super fun to design, quick to build (very important when you're busy around the holidays!), and they make a perfect addition to any Christmas decorations around the house. After all, a little LEGO makes any display ten times better! This music box achieved all those points, and even delivers that wonderful mechanical movement all wrapped up in a tiny holiday package. Turn the crank and the tree will spin along to the joyful, Christmas tune!*

You can see the music box in action on my Twitter page, check it out!

Want to build your own Mechanical Music Box? You can download the free building instructions here! Happy building!


* Does not include a Christmas tune. You must hum it yourself. ;)