Galaxy Stroller LX

The next generation of Classic Space is blasting off with style. Father and son take a stroll through the stars in the Galaxy Stroller LX!

It all started with purple bricks. A lot of purple bricks. And a Space Baby!

LEGO Classic sets are a great way to source bricks. Over the years, I've used a fair number of bricks from these sets in all colors, except for purples and pinks. This resulted in my collection of purple bricks growing substantially. It grew so much so that my family challenged me to find a design that uses purple bricks! So, with a challenge, a Space Baby and way too many purple bricks, the concept began taking shape. The Galaxy Stroller LX was the fantastic opportunity to go wild with color I'd been waiting for.

The original box art for LEGO Classic Space sets are an iconic piece of LEGO history, but not the most vibrant. The sky was entirely black and planetary surface was usually tan. Works great for showcasing the blue and gray spaceships and space bases, but for the Galaxy Stroller LX, we need to invite the viewer into a colorful and exciting new world. How about a purple and pink horizon stretched across a classic yellow alien planet? Perfect!

All in all, this was a very satisfying build. I began working on this shortly after finishing the SS Leg Godt, which was an extremely challenging and different design. After a tough project like that, it's nice to have a chill one where you can simply go with the flow.

This was my second submission into the "Exhibit Your Creativity in the LEGO House!" challenge on LEGO Ideas. The Galaxy Stroller received a grand total of 202 fan votes, landing it in fourth place in the Celebrating Classics category. Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for it! Fun fact, the Galaxy Stroller LX received more votes than my other submission this year, the SS Leg Godt, which received 166 votes and become a Runner Up in the Vintage Transportation category.

The Galaxy Stroller LX is now on an orbital trajectory to LEGO House for the 2024 Fan Exhibition! If you are visiting soon, be sure to look around in the exhibition cases!

You can view the original submission here.