No Man's Sky | Radiant Pillar BC1

Leap into the uncharted universe of No Man’s Sky with the legendary Radiant Pillar BC1!

No Man's Sky | Radiant Pillar BC1 project is now LIVE on LEGO Ideas! If we can achieve 10,000 votes, it could become a real LEGO set. Please consider casting your support, I'd really appreciate it!

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Your journey begins when you awake upon an unknown planet. Stranded and alone with little resources at your disposal, you must repair your starship and launch into deep space to seek answers amidst the stars. This set is built to capture your first steps in the Euclid Galaxy.

    •    Detailed replica of the Radiant Pillar BC1, the first starship you fly in No Man’s Sky. Includes fully retractable landing gear for easy flight and display.
    •    Collect ferrite dust and di-hydrogen crystals to repair and refuel your starship, but watch out for the Sentinel patrolling near by!
    •    Set foot with the Traveller minifigure and avoid detection by the Sentinel drone.
    •    Includes 989 pieces.

This project is the product of several months of design and prototypes. It's always a particular challenge translating a well-known icon into LEGO bricks because, frankly, it either captures the feel of the original or entirely doesn't! The process of modifying the design and comparing it against the original was a constant facet during this project. A model like this must be immediately recognizable, even if that means omitting certain features that are potentially damaging the recognizability of features with more visual importance. These are some of the toughest decisions to make but as an artist they are a requirement when working with a medium that can only be so accurate.

Another challenge of this design was the decals. I have made decals before, but had never approached a project that would require this many decals. That was daunting at first, but by the end it was very enjoyable. I learned that taking it slow and and being unafraid of trial and error is the key, as it is when learning almost any new skill. None of this project would have been possible without the incredible tools built by Mecabricks. Be sure to check it out!

3D view of the Radiant Pillar BC1 is also available on Mecabricks.