Symphony in Bee

Did you know bees can play violins? Now you know. Let it henceforth become a universally known fact that bees can play violins! You heard it here first.

This was a wedding gift for a friend of mine. It's one of those projects that flowed so effortlessly that it was an absolute joy to create from start to finish! This is partly because many assets in its design are the result of previous work. The queen bee originates from my Mechanical Beehive a few years back, however she is enhanced with a few new pieces that came to popularity since then. Also, violins are hard to recreate with square bricks – believe me! I tried to make one a couple years back but it proved to be too difficult a challenge at the time. Building upon experimentation from the past and armed with newly produced bricks from LEGO, I returned to and completed the design here. Always keep your work, even if it doesn't work at first. Today, new bricks and molds are released at an ever increasing rate, so a design that may not have worked in the past might be possible only a year or two later.

All in all, it's a fun little build that had a nice and enjoyable design process along the way. Can't ask for better than that!