Gift-o-matic 1225X

It’s Christmas Eve.

You are the Director Elf of the North Pole Wrapping Department (N.P.W.D.) and your team’s job is to giftwrap all the freshly constructed toys in time for Santa’s annual journey. But you have skied into a snowdrift so to speak… Your team is struggling to keep up with the record number of children on the Nice List and you are running out of time. You won’t be able to finish the job in time even if the entire department were able to wrap at the speed of the reigning World Champion Present Wrapper.

What can you possibly do?

Never fear - the solution is here! Introducing the Gift-o-matic 1225X!

Watch the Gift-o-matic 1225X in action here!

The North Pole's leading innovators here at the Trinket Corporation have put their heads together and produced the latest in cutting-edge technology. Meeting deadlines will be a thing of the past with the Gift-o-matic’s superior state-of-the-art WrapTech™. Simply place a toy on the conveyor belt and watch as the Gift-o-matic wraps the gift with absolutely zero user input! 100% guaranteed for the perfect wrap job with sharp edges and no paper tears every time! Finally have your chance to relax on the job with that cookie break you have always wanted*!

Features include:

  • 8 colorful giftwrap options are included, with available expansion packs for even more creative abilities!
  • Certified calibrated conveyor belt system and motor speed for a buttery-smooth experience**!
  • Built-in Quality Assurance Spyglass™!
  • All of this and more for the ultra-low price of 5,499.99 Kringles! Financing options are available, including 0.0% APR for the first three months***!

Place yourself on YOUR Nice List this year! Get the Gift-o-matic 1225X today!

* Trinket Corp. recommends keeping the Gift-o-matic 1225X clean at all times. Warranty void if crumbs found inside machine.
** Trinket Corp. does not recommend buttering conveyor belt. Butter sold separately.
*** Prices subject to change. Please inquire after your local Trinket Corp. dealer for up-to-date information.