Spin-Action Ice Cream Truck

Smiles and joyful cheers fill the air whenever the ice cream truck comes cruising down the street! The true joy of driving an ice cream truck comes from giving that joy to others (through delicious ice cream, of course!). What better ride to cruise in than one that spreads happiness to all!
The highlight of this ice cream truck is an extremely fun play feature. Simply push the truck and the ice cream cones on top will spin along as the fresh ice cream churns! It’s an easy-to-build mechanism and there is still plenty of space inside for the ice cream man. Once you begin playing with it, you’ll never be able to stop!
This model was my entry for the LEGO Ideas "Build a Vintage Car to Cruise the Streets of LEGO Modular Buildings" contest. Designing this model was a total color study. The truck required a careful balance of the correct colors to bring out its shape and style. You can view the submission on the LEGO Ideas website here.
Check out the video below to see the mechanism in action. Thanks for reading!