Snack Attack

Once upon a time, Tim had a craving. A craving for a big, delicious, mouth-watering seaside snack; a hotdog! Unfortunately for Tim, he isn’t the only one plotting an attack for this scrumptious seaside snack…


This was one of my entries into the LEGO Ideas contest "Your Build in the World-Famous LEGO House!" for 2020. My creations for this year's contest, Snack Attack and Reach for the Stars, were both selected as winning builds to be displayed inside the LEGO House for an entire year! Both models are currently on exhibit within the Green Zone of the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark until the end of 2021.

I am extremely honored to be a part of the LEGO House's annual exhibit for a second year in a row and I hope that all these MOCs from the LEGO Ideas community will continue to inspire and encourage LEGO fans from around the world to pursue their creative dreams. Be sure to check out the exhibit if you are visiting the LEGO House in 2021!


You can also view the LEGO Ideas submission for Snack Attack here.